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eye (1989) 3, 536–546; doi: 10.1038/eye.1989.85

The visual field in chronic simple glaucoma and ocular hypertension; its character, progress, relationship to the level of intraocular pressure and response to treatment

R P Crick1, R Vogel2, R B Newson3, M J Shipley3, H Blackmore1, A Palmer4 and C J Bulpitt4

  1. 1Eye Department, King's College Hospital, London
  2. 2M.S.D. Research Laboratories, West Point, P.A., U.S.A
  3. 3Department of Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London
  4. 4Division of Geriatrics, Royal Postgraduate Medical School, London

Correspondence: R. P. Crick, Eye Department, King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London SE5 9RS, England

Supported by King's College Hospital Research Committee, International Glaucoma Association and M.S.D. Chibret.

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Nine hundred and twenty-nine patients with chronic simple glaucoma or ocular hypertension were followed for one to thirteen years using the King's College Hospital glaucoma data base.

The 30° visual field was divided into twelve clinical zones. The field sensitivity and its change as measured by the mean differential threshold both in these zones and overall was followed to determine the pattern and progress of field loss in eyes diagnosed initially as chronic simple glaucoma or ocular hypertension.

The findings were related to other similar analyses in which the mean differential threshold in chronic glaucoma was found to correlate significantly with the initial intraocular pressure and its progress with the mean follow-up intraocular pressure under treatment. Inferences were drawn regarding the nature of chronic simple glaucoma and ocular hypertension and their management.

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Источник: http://www.nature.com/eye/journal/v3/n5/abs/eye198...

Глаукома msd

Глаукома msd


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